International Equipment Components, Inc. (IEC, Inc.) is a manufacturer of leveling, alignment, support, stabilization, adjustment, protection, vibration and noise control products for OEMs, wholesalers and end-users. We're committed to stocking an unmatched depth and breadth of equipment components, offering customers an unmatched selection of product from a single source.

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IEC began operation in 1992 selling leveling feet and furniture components to predominantly manufacturers and wholesalers. In the early 2000's, IEC also started selling to consumers and retailers leveraging the capabilities of the internet. It has always been our mission to offer innovative products, competitive pricing, stocked inventory and great customer service and support. Approximately half of our technical support people have over 30 years experience in the products we offer.

IEC Levelers, Glides, Mounts, Feet, Sliders, Bumpers, Pad
IEC supplies products from the U.S. and Asia. Almost every product on our website can be sourced locally or from abroad. We can build product here for rapid delivery, highly technical custom items, and for customers that demand "Made In The USA". If low cost is the key concern, the non-U.S. sourced products we carry, or have built to our specifications, meet the same high quality standards and requirements demanded by our own manufacturing facilities here in the United States.

We've created our new website in 2010 to improve the organization and navigation of our rapidly expanding product offering. In keeping with our mission to provide quality, selection and value, we will continue to support our legacy site launched in 1996 at: www.levelingmounts.com along with our new site at <https://iec-corp.com> and now with our new site launched in 2018 at www.iec3dDesignWorks.com

Our knowledgeable support staff looks forward to serving you!

ABOUT IEC 3D Design Works

IEC 3D Design Works (IEC 3D) is the sister company of International Equipment Components, Inc. (IEC) est. 1992.

IEC 3D was created from IEC's need for prototypes of new designs of equipment components for our customers. Machining prototypes from steel or plastic was just too costly and time consuming. We have now expanded our scope to offer these services to other companies and individuals that want to reduce development time and costs while increasing design flexability and ease of modifications.

From Concept to Prototype to First-article to Production, IEC 3D's design engineering staff, along with our network of freelance designers and artists, can help you through the entire process. We start with our idea team and then hand the project over to the 3d software designers and then move to the printing experts to get your company the first working prototypes. After revision 2, 5, 10 and possibly 20 or more, we reach the "final" design and move into the pre-production phase, making the final design from injection molded polymers, zinc die casts, machined or cold headed steel, or other materials. IEC 3D will help you through the entire process from concept to the production. Our production facilities stateside and abroad are also available to manufacture the finished product. If needed we can even help with marketing and sales.

In addition, IEC 3D Design Works also offers:

* Printed 3D models for businesses and individuals who want to purchase for gifts, promotional items, retail sales or personal use. You may order modified and personalized printed models with your name or message in the colors of your choice.

* CAD prints for sale, product licensing, royalties or other arrangements, and in many cases available for free down load under the share-alike, creative commons license.

We encourage artists and engineers to collaborate with IEC 3D on product designs and product offerings. Our growing network of freelance artists and engineers are ready to work with individuals, inventors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations who may want outside expertise and a new perspective on their business.

When cutting edge, disruptive technology arrives on the scene, the companies and individuals that embrace these technological advances are often those that lead their industry into the future and reap the benefits of these advances.
Will you be one of them?

IEC 3D Design Works and our network of free-lance artists and designers are here to help you.